Saturday, January 29, 2011

Increase PC Performance and Speed & Optimize your Internet Connection

Our PC slows down with time as we run more and more applications on it because the RAM gets full of remaining process pieces that you do not need any more.
Moreover our Internet connection is also not optimized to utilize its full potential.
So here in this article you will learn How to Increase your PC Speed as well as Optimize your Internet Connection.

Well I have divided this article into 2 parts-

1]- Increase your PC Speed by cleaning your RAM

  • Open the notepad and type- FreeMem=Space(64000000)
  • Save it as RAMcleaner.vbs [ You should choose the “All Files” option when u save it ]
  • Run the file and your RAM will be cleaned of unwanted processes.
  • You can also edit the code for a greater “cleaning-progress”.
  • Example- FreeMem=Space(128000000)

2]- Increase Internet speed by optimizing your Internet Connection

  • Open Device Manager [Vista/Seven: Right Click on My computer > properties > Click on Device Manager in Left Hand Side Menu | Xp: Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware Tab > Device Manager]
  • Locate Ports and expand it by double clicking on it.
  • Open all the ports listed under PORTS by double clicking on them.
  • Now go to the Port Setting and make these changes:
  1. On “Bits per second” change to 128000
  2. And “Flow control” option change to Hardware
  3. Apply and see the result.

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