Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some of The Scariest Ghost Videos Ever

We all love a good scare, and if you love ghost videos, then you are in luck. We have scoured the internet searching for the most realistic and possibly scariest ghost videos ever. Watch these encounters with the supernatural and decide whether the stories of paranormal sightings are true.

Barton Mansion Ghost Encounter

Legend has it that Dr. Ben Barton built this house in 1859 using bricks made from the burial grounds and soon after moving in, his wife and child died under mysterious circumstances. After Dr. Barton’s mysterious death the house was abandoned for decades. Barton Mansion is one of the oldest houses in Redlands, California and paranormal experts claim it is the most haunted house in California. In 2001 a group of teenagers decided to explore the mansion at night- This short video is what they encountered.

Hide and Seek Ghost

In this video a father was playing hide and seek with my daughter, he didn’t know he was playing with his daughters “imaginary” friend. A really freaky homemade video captured something I am sure no parent would ever want to see.

Crying Girl Ghost

The sounds of a crying girl woke this couple up- the startling discovery is something he can’t explain. If it wasn’t on tape no one would believe me.

Ghost Photo St James Theater

Ghost photo taken in a theater reveals a haunting apparition sitting in the audience. Watch this ghost video let us know what you think- incredibly eerie if you ask me!

Pink Lady Ghost of Greencastle Manor

This video shows the experience two paranormal investigators had while in Greencastle, Indiana investigating an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. While one investigator entered the house, the other stayed outside to take pictures of the exterior of the ruined building. The investigator on the inside became panicked by a feeling that he wasn’t alone and began hearing what he described as a heartbeat next to his ear. When the film was developed, three photos showed a ghost-like figure bathed in a pink light in one of the windows while another picture showed the same figure at the backdoor. Incredible photos that no one else has ever experience nor probably ever will as the mansion was torn down to make way for corn crops.

The Blue Ghost

Outside a gas station in Parma, Ohio video captured a blue ghost floating and hovering around the grounds. While this video is not the scariest of all ghost videos, its just hard to explain. It appears as a bright blue color which adds to the startling images.

Thermal Cam Ghost

This apparition caught on a thermal camera was captured by TAPS and was featured on a 2006 episode of Ghost Hunters. As you can see, TAPS encountered something amazing and something that no one has been able to explain.

Haunted Funeral Home

A few teenagers decide to break into a funeral home. They did not expect to encounter some of the unexplained ghost activity they felt and saw. A freaky experience or perhaps just payback?

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