Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weirdest Animal Parts People Eat

Eating new and interesting food is all a fun part of life. Experiencing a variety of dishes and tastes can be an epicurean delight; however what if you were served the tongue of a duck rather than the breast, or perhaps the nose of a moose- would you still be excited? People all around the world eat different animals, strange insect meals, and unusual dishes. Below are a few of the weirdest animal parts people eat and somehow enjoy, forgive me, but I think I’ll pass on the rocky mountain oysters!

Seal Flipper Pie

Known as a delicacy in some parts, this traditional Canadian dish is made from the flippers of young seals. A hearty meat pie that is commonly found at grocery stores and restaurants in the Newfoundland area, seal flipper pie has quite a few fans, yet it still seems a weird animal part to be munching on.

Duck Tongues

Duck Tongues are another more commonly found and eaten dish in many parts of the world. A simple delicacy, duck tongue are said to be positively addicting with a crispy outside and a soft buttery/fatty interior that melts in your mouth. Still, I just can’t help but think about soft and cute baby ducklings.

Whole Sheep’s Head

n many areas throughout the world you may come across a number of sheep’s head dishes, such as soup, or just the head boiled or smoked. Many times the sheep’s head is fully intact with the eyes, tongue, and even brains. The eyeballs and tongue in particular are known as delicacies.

Reindeer Fat

Of all the parts of an animal, eating the fat from one of them really seems like the most unappealing. However, many Eskimos seem to disagree. They will take the fat from a reindeer and mix it with seal oil and some wild berries to enjoy an unusual dessert known as Eskimo Ice Cream. No thanks!

Warthog Anus

The Namibian Warthog anus dish is fortunately not all that commonly served. Just thinking about eating the butthole of any animal makes me want to regurgitate a bit, but I suppose if you enjoy gnawing on chewy anus, then the warthog is the way to go.

Goat Fetus

This unusual dish of goat fetus is usually only eaten on the rare occasion of a pregnant goat being slaughtered. This meal is considered to have medicinal value, especially for pregnant women.

Chicken Feet

Eating the foot of an animal just seems pointless, especially chicken. There are long toenails attached to a skinny little cartilage foot and people seem to enjoy gnawing on them like popcorn or something- gross. I suppose this is along the same lines as pickled pig’s feet- another repulsive meal I will pass on.

Lamb’s Brain

Some say it’s risky, others say not so much, either way eating the brains of an animal has been and still seems to be somewhat popular in many countries throughout the world. A well-liked meal is the lamb’s brain sandwich- deep friend and placed between two slices of bread.

Bull’s Testicles

I am not quite sure who first thought it was a good idea to eat the bull’s testicles, but they seem to be delicacy of sorts for many. Mostly served deep fried as an appetizer and known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, this dish turns little men into cowboys and little girls into women with facial hair. All jokes aside, you can also find lamb and pig testicles make a popular snacking dish as well.

Moose Nose

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