Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Truth Behind Why Men and Women Cheat

Is it the cheating song on the radio that we hear? Is it all the reality TV that we watch? Is it because our friends are doing it or could it just be who we are? You would not be able to tell us apart from any one else. We are men, women, white, black, brown, short, fat, poor, rich, young and old. We are your every day people. The Doctor, the teacher, the Fed X driver, the stay at home mom/dad, the minister. We come from all over.

We Are Cheaters!

But Why Do We Cheat?

Ever since Moses came down from the mountain and perhaps before, tails of extra marital affairs have existed. From the being of time till the end we will be here.When most of us made our promises to be faithful we were serious and we had every intention of keeping our word. But Sometimes we cheat because our sex life sucks or the passion we once had has faded. We feel lonely, we want something new and exciting and to see if we can get away with it. We have an emotional void, a specific gene that makes us geared towards cheating and sometimes we cheat just because we can!

Is It Human Nature To Cheat?

Our Human behavior is not always governed by the vows that were taken and the promises that were made. Human behavior is a product of our innate human nature, our individual experience and environment. Today there are over 4000 distinct mammal species alive on earth and only 3% of them are monogamous. According to Stephen T. Emlen, an expert on evolutionary behavior, monogamy is rare. He describes a great difference between social, genetic and sexual monogamy. Some scientist believe that monogamy, especially sexual monogamy is not natural to human species. If that is true why do some marriages last forever? Is love enough to make us monogamous?

Would you leave your dog alone with a steak? Of course not but you can’t hate the dog for doing what is in its nature, or can you?

The Truth About Why We Cheat

In most cases we cheat to fill an emotional void. We feel connected to our lover in ways that we are not connected to our partner and sex is just an added bonus.

  • 75% of men and 65% of women admit to having sex with people they work with
  • 68 % of women say they would have an affair if they knew the would never get caught
  • 74% of men say they would have an affair if they knew the would never get caught
  • 2 years is the average length of an affair
  • 60% of men are unfaithful
  • 40% of all men have 1 to 2 copies of the specific gene that makes them geared toward cheating
  • 12% of cheating men said their mistress was more physically attractive then their wife.
  • 66% of cheating men report feeling guilty during the affair
  • 81% of women admit they routinely flirt with the opposite sex

No one is 100% sure of why we cheat or if we will stop but here are a few ways to spot.

Signs That We Are Cheating

10.) We stop confiding in you and stop seeking advice from you.

9.) We join the gym, go on a diet, try to improve our appearance.

8.) We start deleting all incoming emails when we used to let them accumulate

7.) We suddenly want more sex, more often.

6.) We seem less comfortable around you.

5.) We are emotionally disconnected.

4.) We appear to be confused and worried most of the time.

3.) We compensate our guilt by saying I love you more often.

2.) We are not so needy of your attention.

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