Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

SMS jokes

Enjoy four SMS jokes , you may send it to your friends

Which is the sweetest part of the body?It's oval in shape,it's surrounded by hair,salt water comes from it.Don't be silly : it's 'Beautiful Eyes'

Whenever I want Ur presence I read Ur SMS....whenever I want to see u,I close eyes,whenever I want to hear ur voice, I throw a stone at a dog.

Do u remember that day .When we had gone out in a car.I put my dog out & u put ur face out;people shouted "Twins..Twins"..Sweet memories na...?

Pls send ur Biodata & photo 2 Hutch..
U'll get a gud package + A chance 2 come on T.V. So apply soon.Bcoz Hutch's Dog died.They want a monkey.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

SMS jokes

Divorced couple arguing for son's custody.
Wife : I gave him birth so he is mine.
Husband : If I put a coin in a pepsi machine & pepsi comes , is it mine or the machines?


Life is like a vehicle. Husband and wife r 2 tyres of the vehicle.If 1 punctures,the vehicle will not move.So brilliant people keep a stepney.


Only 10% girls play games like tennis,football,caroms , cricket, etc because 90% girls play with boy's life.So be careful.

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